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Thursday, August 9, 2007

helloo.. and haii..

ehmm... just want to share bout my housemate dat i thing really cool and joy.. muahahakk

actually there are 10 guys in my house include my ,for sure... each of them had their own characteristic take make me wanted to laugh when i think bout it... :)

they are... jen jeng jeng...

1) Mr hakam - fun, what da $%&3, people can laugh when meet him

2) Shah irwan - wat da smart guy, had a nice smile, all gurlzz.. watch upp!!

3) Apai - ehm... rempit johor mari.. muahahaha.. just name a song, all song he know.. rock!

4) Li - our senior from this univsity.. cool, and steady.. look quiet but.. sometime.. hehehe

5)Jivan - da one and only indian in our house... damm good in english, our dictionary

6) Atiq - da owner of this pc.. ahakz.. and printer.. always play YM.. my classmate at poly

7) Jojie - my clasmate since in polytechnic. damm good in football and... riding bike.. ahakz

8) Apit - also my classmate frm poly till now in utem.. just buy a laptop.. now it bcome his second belover

9) Ejab - same like apit, atiq n jojie.. now till utem stil my classmate. his was takraw die hard fun.. muahahha.. saiko person.. funky?? y not.. lahanattttt...

10) Me ?? my self... ehm.. simple like always... hak hak hak..

dat all 10 guys in my house... from different class, different course, different country but same in one head... same in one head??? new words maaaa... my blog right? sukati arrr... hehehehe

Peace Off!!!

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