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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tagged by fana

[1] your full name n nick?
full name:Syafirul Ikmar B. Shaharudin
nick name: syah, syafirul, ikmar

[2] single or taken?
'Or'... ahakz

[3] hotlink, celcom, digi or Umobile?

[4] indoor or outdoor?

[5] are you thinkin bout someone rite now?? who?
YES.. my life... its also 'someone'

[6] sushi or roti canai?
Roti canai

[7] hv u fell in love with 2 person in one time?
nope... must be loyal in life...

[8]flipflop or snickers?

[9]what do u tink bout me?
happy good lucky.. ahakz

[10] 5 person u wanna tag with dis ques??

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